Hello world!

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And so begins a new journey in my life…..

Where do I begin?  This has been a long awaited journey I have sat on the bleachers and contemplated doing for most of my adult life.  Blogging?  Actually….no…I’ve never been very good at journaling so please bear with me as I begin anew.   This is where it begins…a new life perhaps? Or maybe just an adventure?  I truly hope I can find my center and my place in the online world dominating our culture.  I am nearing the end of my current career but need a new one to replace it.  I’m starting here with my search.  I can do it!…..No you can’t!    libra, pan, balance-2071319.jpg ……… Words that ring loudly in my ears from both my inner doubts and fears, my hopes and dreams.  And of course, yes, from so many well meaning loved ones in my life fearing change may bring more unnecessary struggle into my life.  A concern I admit I have earned with my tendancy to blunder on stubbornly determined to find a way to success.  And that’s where it’s really coming from…a drive to succeed…to do better….be better…experience more.  Pushing for too much can implode which it did for me in the past.  How many of us have been through such experiences though?  In different ways?  Have you?  Will you stop?  Give up?  Or push ahead?  The Great Explorers that built the nation we now enjoy were Explorers…looking for a better way of life.  That’s what I see myself as…an Explorer.

My adventure was ignited with the discovery of an online course through an ad on Facebook offering a book about making money online….this led me to my ship’s captain and mentor, Dean Holland.  A truly remarkable man with a humble story dedicated to helping beginners navigate the rough waters of the internet.  I was very nervous committing to the investment in the course initially with all the internet’s “shiny objects”.  But I can find no fault or reason to doubt the sincerity of Dean and his amazing team who are there every step of the journey to assist where ever they can to maximize the potential of the success of my online business along with so many others.  I am truly more hopeful and encouraged every day that maybe I really can do it…..

So what is my business?  Well, stick with me and let’s see where this journey takes me.  I began my life breaking and training horses for a living…then spent 30+ years as a massage therapist rehabilitating my client’s various physical injuries and restrictions.  I am a daughter, sister, aunt, mother, entrepreneur having run my own clinics for many years.  I have survived emotional collapse after financial ruin and landed on my feet moving forward to whatever life has next for me.   I have thus had extensive experience in animal and human interactions, medical/health knowledge as well as financial analysis/recovery.   From my unique perspective I hope to be able to find a place to lessen the stress of navigating those waters for others facing similar struggles or in need of help or direction I may have had experience in. 

I am sailing steadily toward my retirement with hopes that I may have calmer waters to enjoy my twilight years.

If anything I have shared has connected with you I would love to hear your thoughts and stories.  With your feedback I will be sure to find how I can best shape my business to help as many people as I can as I continue to share my journey and be shaped by the connections I am looking forward to making here.


11 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. Apologies to everyone who has recently visited my blog and thank you for your feedback. I finally located the option to turn my comments back on 🙂
    Your Humble Explorer

  2. Hi Sharel

    Great to meet you and read you well written heartfelt blog. I too, am embarking on this new and exciting opportunity. I look forward to reading blogs and following your journey

    1. Hi Tim! So good to meet a fellow blogger! Thank you so much for your kind words. I’m seeing the wonderful opportunity this process is affording us to get to know others in the group! See you again soon ☺️

  3. Hi Sharel

    Thanks for writing about your story, and your doubts. I can certainly relate to the two voices, one saying you can and one you can´t. I love your determination to push on and overcome the doubt. I look forward to hearing more about how you get on

    1. Thank you Tony. I appreciate your feedback. I’m hoping to find others will feel the same as you do too. I think most of us have this internal battle to some degree. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on future posts.

    1. Hi Steve, thanks for your interest in my blog. I appreciate your support as I embark on my journey in learning how to journal. I would appreciate your feedback on what you find most useful or interesting about my blog. Blessings and good fortune in 2024!

  4. Sharel, thanks for sharing your musings. I am happy we all found each other in “Dean’s World,” because the community is in itself an accountability partner!

    I am retiring as a nurse 12/31/23 and can dedicate 7 hours a day on this project. The major thing for me is I look forward to doing it. Corporate medicine is no longer a draw for me!


    1. Hi Kate! So good to hear from a fellow health practitioner! Your retirement date is close at hand and I envy your proximity to it. The ability to dedicate 7 hours a day to your project should yield amazing results! It’s definitely an indicator that you are looking forward to doing the work, this makes committing the time significantly easier and enjoyable which is going to make your success that much sweeter! I look forward to the journey we are embarking on together and am very interested in exploring your blog as well! Best wishes for 2024!

  5. hi Sheryl, thank you for inviting me to your blog. There is from what I’ve read so far, much about a process that exists about “what’s at risk”. And then there’s the added nature of baring all that intimacy in a place or container that you are still building. congratulations on taking that step. I look forward to learning who you really are, beyond the shallow layers of our distant past.

    1. Hi Steve! Thanks for coming to check out my blog. What an interesting thought….it really does resound with the vulnerability of sharing so publicly. I’ve never imagined I might expose myself in this way but I believe it’s worth the risk. We do have to open a door in order to let people in if we hope to ever connect with them. I hope to hear more thoughts on my journey so I might connect better with you 😀
      Happy New Year my friend.

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