#2 Making the choice…….then sticking to it.

So it seems I’m not off to the best start as I find myself delayed in making my weekly entry…..I am grateful for having learned flexibility and forgiveness as it has lightened my load considerably since I made peace with my imperfections.  I was due to make my entry four days before Christmas….what could possibly have interfered?  Lol!  Let me list the ways…..!  I can do this…..I sort of can?  I am making an entry into my calendar with weekly reminders to write my post…no matter how short or messy……Done.  I guess I need to double up with my entry today since I missed last week.    Don’t worry…I will endeavor to not drabble on…..

Now where do I pick up?  Begin at my start?  No,,,,I think the gaps will fill themselves in as we move forward with the experiences I am having during this adventure that I am sharing with you.  The days following my last post I was overwhelmed with my realization that during the creation of my site I had shut off the commenting due to some spamming that seeped in during the build.   I thought I had checked that it was back on only to have some kind co-students alert me to the issue.  UGH!!!  I beat myself up for endless hours trying to locate the source of the problem.  My anxiety was through the roof!  “Maybe I can’t do this?  Who am I kidding?”  “Ask for help….the resources are all available” I’m told…but what do I ask?” The questions screamed through my mind all weekend.  On the Friday I attended another educational session highlighting the coming week’s goals….I feel so far behind!  We are told that many of my classmates are in the same boat or worse….doesn’t that make me feel better?  I tell myself it should.   What do you do?  Continue at your own pace?  Feel overwhelmed?  Give up?  Skip ahead so you can stay with the group? Rush to catch up?  I for one, am not comfortable lagging behind but skipping potentially important steps doesn’t seem reasonable either.  I decide to rush to catch up, reassuring myself that I will review the material and my work to ensure everything is correct at a later date….just not too much later.  I am relieved to find that the following week is not a heavy one and this gives me opportunity to review and refine.

So…what can I learn about the week in reflection…..why was I behind in the first place?   I second guessed the name of my business and had to come up with a new name.  Not just the name of a business as I had initially anticipated, but a name appropriate for a blog….I don’t feel comfortable using my personal name as so many have done since I still work professionally and need to keep this separate for now.   But I also needed a name that would reflect me.  I don’t need to revisit this as it is clear what I chose to use.  I think this is a theme I can live up to.   So, does this choice of theme reflect a lack of self-esteem?  Perhaps.  Or maybe just the acceptance of the ebb and flow of life…..?

Person Thought Bubble Clipart | the quotes

Secondly, I needed to pick a theme for the layout of my blog…..my mentor suggested something simple, easy to read and find your way around.  There are thousands of choices of themes available….this was no small task and as I am well known for my indecisiveness it was an agonizing process….albeit crucial that I persevere and succeed in making my choice.   Some people can make these decisions very rapidly like my ex-husband did….I was always astounded at the speed and success of his choices.  This did rub off on me a little and made me just let go of second guessing my choices.  This was no small feat!   Is this something you struggle with?  I remember being told to first be clear what you are looking for….an item on a food menu, clothing item, furniture, advertisment…..before you even begin looking…..what are you hungry for? Purpose of food/item…..snack? seasonal? Preference of type, style, color etc.  and where/what will it accompany/represent?  Once clear on what is needed you can proceed quickly sifting through all the items that do not match these parameters.  The “shiny objects” are pushed out of the way leaving a clear view of the options left that are suitable.  Then pick one and turn the page.   There are LOTS of amazing choices that would all be a good fit.  You only need to pick one of them.

8.1: Understanding Decision Making - Social Sci LibreTexts

Ok, so I made a choice I can live with and I expect I will make many more in the coming days.  We begin our journey, documenting our experiences.  So, the following week we gather at an event to revisit our chosen path and are given a look at the experiences of our mentor and his team had beginning their journeys into the web.  We listened as they shared their stories of where they are now in their businesses and the visions of where they are headed.   Fears, anxieties and doubts overcome by the drive of their dreams, keeping them focused and determined to succeed…no matter the odds.   A guest speaker, Alex Jeffries, mentor to Dean Holland, shared a number of gold nuggets with clear, sensible advise…..most people fail because they fail to start or quit too soon…often quitting so close to moment of their success….but how do you know you are close?  Truly….you can’t…..as demonstrated viscerally in the following pictograph as was shared in our training:

Image result for make a pictograph of an escape tunnel quitting too soon image

So what’s the take away?

  • Make a plan to enable you to select your best choice based on the parameters of the need for the choice.
  • Make a choice and don’t revisit or rethink it.
  • Move on.  You made your best choice already!
  • Stay focused…..begin what you started out to do.
  • Stay the course!  Keep moving slowly forward…..
  • If at first you don’t succeed….try, try, try again!

So tell me….have you made any big choices recently?  What choice did YOU make and why?  Leave it in the comments below and share some of your gold nuggets for us all to benefit from!


14 thoughts on “#2 Making the choice…….then sticking to it.

  1. Hi, I can totally relate to what you are saying. It was like reading something that I had written but so much more eloquently and from the heart. I too was very slow in getting going but perseverance has prevailed and it will for you as well. Keep it up and you CAN do it. Happy new year!

  2. Starting something new could be seen difficult. Like pushing a heavy object, you need more effort to put it in motion than maintaining it in motion. In our case, we need to plan, learn, and take the right decisions. Once you get through it, everything is easier, tasks are completed naturally. Worst thing to do would be to let go before getting to our first milestones. Once you reach a milestone, you get the “wind” of motivation to drive you forward. If you let go, you lose all your momentum and have to start over again.
    Nice post! Let’s keep on moving.

    1. Thanks for your input and encouragement Martin! Great visualization of overcoming “heavy objects.” I’m already looking forward to feeling the “wind” build behind me.

    1. Hi Sherri! Thanks so much for stopping in to check out my blog. I appreciate your feedback and am glad you feel there is some “wisdom” in my words. I like to think my years have given me a little wisdom to share from time to time. I’m looking forward to this journey into 2024 we are embarking on together.

  3. Hi Sharel,
    good choice for a blog theme and blog title.
    Most important is to start, then you get it perfect later.
    Every time you try something different, you back to square one. New things, shiny object as you said are attractive until it gets tough again. This is where you need to stay focus. Instead of looking for easier solutions- keep pushing, stay consistent. Leave all distractions behind.
    All the best in 2024!

    1. Hi Tom,
      Thanks so much for your feedback! It’s always a good reminder that there are tough times ahead but light at the end of the tunnel provided we stay the course! I agree, minimizing distractions will be important to avoid.
      2024 is looking brighter every day…have an amazingly lucrative new year!

  4. Sharel,

    You are not alone. Often we overthink things. This seemingly puts one behind or even worse frozen and unable to move forward. I have lost track of the number of times this has happened to me. I get going good on what I’m working on and then hit a roadblock and start overthinking it. Next, I find myself frozen and lagging behind everyone else. I have had to learn that I am not in a competition with everyone else but on a journey that requires me to go at my own pace. This realization has take some much stress off and believe it or not has actually helped move forward quicker.

    You got this!

    1. Hi CJ,

      Thanks for your feedback on my blog. It’s always good to know we are not alone in our struggles. Not comparing your progress to others is key to reducing stress though it can be difficult to do and often has to be repeatedly corrected! Practice makes perfect though….right? I’m looking forward to getting lots of practice in this in the coming years!


  5. Sharel, I used to over think and worry too much. It gets you nowhere and stops your ability to proceed. My advise would be:

    1. If you can fix/change something then do it
    2. If you can’t fix/change something then DON’T do it
    3. Make a list of what needs to be done
    4. Follow that list and stick to the process

    And keep doing that.

    I look forward to your journey and what happens next. Thanks.


    1. Hello Atif, thanks for the sensible suggestions. I do kind of try to not overthink and just move on asap….easier said than done! Making a list does help….thanks for the reminder!

      Love hearing your thoughts. Looking forward to sharing more in the coming weeks.

  6. Hello Sharel, I am sure we can all relate to your experience. I just open myself to the creative process, in this case, content creation, and let it flow. I do it everyday as an exercise in preventing writer’s block, and consistency. This helps to banish the fear- AND the blahs of winter!

    1. Hi Kate, thanks so much for your feedback! Daily practice is an interesting suggestion…I’ll give that a try this week ☺️ Have you been writing a long time? You definitely sound like you speak from experience.

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