#4 Chaos unraveled!

The New Year is well underway….how is it going?  Are you still on track with your goals? Or are you among the majority of the population that has already quit?  My head is still reeling with the statistics.   I personally believe that most people are just so busy in this crazy world they can’t keep focused on a future goal.  We have so much stimulus it’s head spinning!  There’s very little opportunity for a quiet retrospective contemplation.  It seems we only slow down when we are forced to. Where’s the sun flare we were promised that would knock out all the electrical devices?  There are days I miss the lock down from the pandemic forcing everyone to slow down. I think many people, like me, discovered how unnecessarily overworked they were.  This has been a part of the sudden lack of workers and many businesses closing, others retiring.  Yes, I realize there are lots of other less positive results but today I am focusing on how our busy lives affect us and perhaps explore some things we can do about it.

Thursday, I woke at 5am to attend my weekly online Q&A session in my beginner’s advantage class for the Affiliate System that started at 6am.  I’m feeling really disappointed in myself that I haven’t been able to keep up to the pace of the classes.  I’m 2 weeks behind and fighting a mental block preventing me from watching the next lesson.  I’m overwhelmed, but I’m not sure with what exactly. Can I do it?  It’s hard to believe that my hiccup with losing my content really shut me down this much.   In an effort to keep moving forward, I crawled out of bed so I at least wouldn’t miss the webinar and made my first cup of coffee.

I’m always glad when I push forward in these situations.  Hearing the questions and the discussion around the blocks others were experiencing helps to keep my self-judgement in check.  I’m so glad this program has such extensive support when you need it.  Weekly lessons that are recorded in case you miss it and need to watch it later or maybe just want to review it.  Multiple avenues to submit questions 24/7 to get immediate assistance.  5-day a week live calls to answer questions which you may do so by attending the call or just submitting the question and you can listen to this answer later if you are unable to attend.  Support community groups encouraging one another and again a place you can get some help.   We are currently getting our email platforms set-up and solid for managing traffic smoothly and according to all the new rules Google and Yahoo are implementing.  Gosh there’s so much to do to have your site set up properly!  I don’t know how anyone figures this stuff out on their own!  I think I really can do this!

Resolving my block involves implementing skills I am familiar with and very much emphasized during the initial training of the program.  I have too much stress.  Too many things going on and I’m not managing it very well.

But what can we do about reducing the chaos in our lives?  I discuss this subject quite often in my job and our biggest hurdle is often ourselves (Who…..ME???).  We have a hard time making changes in our lives, even when it is for the better.  Often the fear of failure prevents us from trying something new. I can do it! No you can’t!  What’s your block?

A few things you can try applying may assist in your situation:

  • stop watching the news (at least reduce the frequency) – so much world stress!
  • take a social media break – I’ll forgive you if you miss my posts for this reason!
  • find a quiet time in the day to sit quietly and breathe – 5 min or more if you can..,   have you learned how to breathe correctly?  Most of us don’t.  A simple exercise to do during your quiet break is place one hand flat on your upper chest and the other on your belly.  Take a deep breath – which hand moves?  Are you a stomach or a chest breather?   Stress will cause us to breath shallow and thus you will chest breathe.  Current posture tendencies will collapse the chest area and thus we end up belly breathing.  A healthy breath will move both – rising and falling together…as babies do.  Practice this.  Incorrect breathing will make you actually feel more stressed on its own.
  • Take a bubble bath – add a scent you like.  Light a candle and enjoy!
  • find a time and form of exercise you can do – “exercising regularly is one of the easiest and most effective ways to reduce the symptoms of ADHD and improve concentration, motivation, memory, and mood. Physical activity immediately boosts the brain’s dopamine, norepinephrine, and serotonin levels—all of which affect focus and attention.” The Mental Health Benefits of Exercise – HelpGuide.org
  • set aside time to review your week’s activities –  write it down – Sunday through Saturday – create an appointment book of your life.  There are templates online you can print out to use.  Seeing the full schedule this way can help to see where you can schedule in the breaks you also need….yes…schedule those in too!  Whoa!…this doesn’t mean you can fill those gaps with more stuff to fill your week more!  This is YOU time.  Now hopefully it will become clearer where you can tidy up your crazy schedule to make your life less stressful.

It helps to revisit your schedules and budgets regularly.  I like to do mine weekly.  Some people find monthly is frequent enough.   I hope this is helpful for some of you today.  I know it helped me to stop and think about what’s happening in my life and what measure I can use to cope better.

Drop me a note and let me know what you did to unravel your chaos recently!

26 thoughts on “#4 Chaos unraveled!

  1. Great post. I can totally relate. It is easy to get into your head, and be overwhelmed and feel the resistance to even start. I attempt to tackle the “chaos with post-its (lol). I break down what I want to accomplish each day into small steps, put them on Post-its, and put them on the wall, this includes exercise and drinking water! As I complete each one I ball then up and throw them away, it’s quite satisfying lol..

  2. Hi Sharel, Such an informative post! Yes, I can say I am doing well thus far with my goals. Life is busy for sure and the one thing I do need to do is use a schedule to better manage my valuable time to incorporate all I need to, this includes working on my business but I do have other things to do as well. I work full-time too so scheduling it out will be really helpful.
    I feel your pain in terms of feeling overwhelmed…it happens. I have experienced it too and I think we all do from time to time. It is a natural emotion to feel, how we deal with it is the key.
    Don’t feel disappointed that you have fallen behind. You are not alone in that.
    What is great is that there are videos for everything so you are free to progress at your own pace.
    I am not right up to date. I did feel initially disappointed when I began to fall behind but I rethought that and said to myself its fine Karen just keep moving forward and I am.
    Losing your content is a blow for sure and I am sorry to read that happened. I can understand how that derailed you but big ups to you because you didn’t stay there in that feeling you did get out of bed and watched the webinar…you pushed forward, and your perseverance kicked in I am sure you felt good about doing that.
    I love your offerings of self-care…we all need to place importance on that and you have some great options!
    I wish you a wonderful and progressive week ahead! I look forward to visiting your blog again and reading about your great progress!

    1. Hi Karen 😊 Wow! Thanks for your supportive feedback! It’s good to hear we are not alone in our struggles and I hope my blog gave you some helpful ideas you can use too. I am looking forward to this week ahead as it feels like the start of a good one! Let’s crush our goals this week!

    1. Hi Alan, thanks so much for your very positive feedback! I guess I should actually celebrate getting this far….hadn’t actually considered it. Well…..cheers! 🥂 Here’s to our progress in the program! Hope you have a great week!

  3. Sharel, thanks for the blog its really great. Let me put your mind at rest. Yes you can do it. Don’t think too far ahead, don’t think that you’re behind or in fact don’t think too much at all. Just go to the weeks lessons that you’re at now and forget about what’s coming afterwards. Just make a list of one thing on a piece of paper and that is week X lesson. Then just do it. Once that’s done then start the next week. Don’t think too much about being behind and when I’m gonna do it and all that kind of stuff it’s all on vide. You can replay back many many times you’ve got all the rest of us to ask questions and you will be absolutely fine. Just make sure that you do take a step every day even if it’s a small one. I look forward to seeing where you are next week , thanks, Atif

    1. Thanks very much Atif! I appreciate the support. I do try to just stay focused on the next lesson….I am just a bit of an overachiever and hate not actually being where I expect myself to. I am getting better at pacing myself though which feels healthier. Have a great week and I’ll see you on the flip side!

  4. Sharel, Great post. Getting behind is not such a bad thing as long we still forward, albiet slowly. Getting behind and stopping is what we have to watch out for. Taking a break is helpful and healthful. I have been there also. Sometimes its a hard to act on your own advice, but it gives us a target to shoot for.

    1. Thanks Lenny, slow…healthier pace feels better albeit not getting results as fast as I’d like lol! Let’s keep moving forward one step at a time! Have a great week!

  5. Hi Sharel,

    Atif is correct. While you do need a long-term goal, when you feel overwhelmed, limit your short term to-do lists, whether they are mental or written, to one for the day ahead, and one for the week ahead. Today, my plan is to finish my comments and replies to comments, and this is the last, then I have to finish setting up my opt-in funnel and check that everything is working. If I have time, I will email my old Aweber email lists, asking people to open my email if they want to stay on my list. Only those who open will be transferred to the Affiliate System. For the next 3 days, I’ll be concentrating on finishing this month’s work for my last accountancy client, so I can pay myself on Thursday, the last Thursday of the month. After that, I’ll be concentrating on my next blog post. So I know what I’ll be doing this week, and, although I know I’ve heaps to do over the next few months, I’m currently not worried about that, but I know exactly what I’ll be doing today, and for the rest of the week.


    1. Hi Phil, yes…short term as well as not too long term goals can be very motivating. Starting the week out with a clear plan helps a lot. I’ve been so busy with comments this weekend I haven’t had time for anything else! 🙃 This too will improve.
      It sounds like you have been at this a while! Great to hear you have a list you are working with. Quite a job cleaning it up though I would expect….I know just cleaning up my email box can be alot without having to communicate with everyone about it! Ohh….I guess that will be the job ahead though….
      Sounds like you have a solid week ahead to look forward to. I have a few more emails to reply to and then a quick review of my upcoming week too. Have a great week!

  6. It’s the easy way out to become discouraged. Carrying on regardless is what seperates the winners from the losers.
    No-one ever said that the path to success was an easy one but all those who have followed that path say it’s worth it.
    Keep focused on your why and know that no obstacle is ever greater than your power to overcome. The obstacles are there to strengthen us, not to be barriers and when you look back on them they will appear small and not as they seemed when you looked at them for the first time.

    1. Hi Graham, thanks for your feedback on my post. You are quite correct that carrying on despite the obstacles does separate those who succeed from those who don’t. It’s always very empowering to overcome these challenges. I am no stranger to overcoming challenges as I have been self-employed for 30+ years but in my time I have discovered that sometimes allowing yourself to step back and reset is of more value to me and I can produce a better result when I press forward. We all find what works best for our individual circumstances. Encouragement or sometimes even a kick in the butt is appreciated to get back on track though 🙂 I will certainly make an effort to get my WHY refocused to move forward. I am finding traction again and with it the excitement building again. Have a rewarding a successful week ahead!

  7. Sharel,

    You are not alone. We all go through blocks and stress and feeling things are not going well. When that happens we get discouraged. When I get that way I spend time listening to motivational and mindset books to help get out of my own way.

    I like your suggestion on how to coup with it. A good bath with a set of headphones and a good book is a great way to relax, clear the mind and start a new.

    Thanks again for your suggestion.

    1. Hi CJ, it’s always good to acknowledge and hear we are not alone in our struggles as truly none of us are, it just can feel that way….the grass only looks greener on the other side of the fence 🙂 Motivational books are a wonderful way to regain perspective, I do similar exercise with videos or podcasts….I prefer a more passive approach to destressing, I should do that more often, so thanks for the reminder!
      I’m glad you found some value in applying one of the suggestions in the blog. I think many of us know these things but forget to do them. Happy destressing!

  8. Sharel,
    We have a lot to learn and implement, but do not beat yourself up, do it at your own pace. Rich out to support and show up if possible to a weekly call. Dean has a fabulous way to motivate.
    I have already applied two of your suggestions, I just need to find time to sit quietly and breathe, maybe then jump into a bubble bath 🙂
    Whole week reviewing and planning for a week ahead is challenging for me, but I must create that habit.
    Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Tom, thanks for your feedback on my post. I will certainly endeavor to persist and get/ask for help as needed. I haven’t missed any of the calls to date as I do find they are very motivating; you are very correct. I’m happy to hear you have been able to find some of the suggestions helpful for yourself 🙂 The more the better! I’m very impressed you actively applied them so quickly! You will really benefit if you can make them a habit 🙂 Planning the week ahead is challenging at first but becomes easier as you do it more regularly. I wish you success in finding your rhythm with a more balanced/organized work/life balance!

  9. Perfect post! Agree that one of the good things about the pandemic was that it allowed the whole world to slow down and it was amazing! I do think as a world we should do this at least once a year (smile) No airplanes flying overhead & enjoyed the way in some communities the animals came walking through towns. That was a beautiful site. Thank you for the exercises to take time out of our busy lives to slow down. Look forward to coming back to this site.

    1. Hi Eleanor, thanks so much for your feedback. I’m glad you found some value in the exercises. I did feel a little risqué suggesting I missed something about the pandemic and I know some areas had a harsher lockdown than others. Where I live the lockdown did not feel like a jail sentence….at least for me. I’m glad I was around to experience the transformative effect the lockdown had on our world in many ways….of course we are still adjusting to what our new normal is becoming as the changes are still rippling throughout the world. I wish you a peaceful 2024.

  10. You’re doing great and have a excellent blog!
    We all experience obstacles, road blocks, stress and from my experience much of it has come from my own thoughts and insecurities, not believing in myself as much as I should. Look forward to your next posts.


    1. Thanks Denny! All too often we get in our own way….we are our worst enemies 🙃 I did an excellent personal dive exercise recently that really helped to narrow down what, where and why the different blocks were coming from and then from that we chose how we were going to change or correct it. It was ridiculously simple yet profoundly helpful! If you’re interested I would be happy to share it with you 😊

  11. I love this post! Goals! Sticking to my goals is my first goal. I found true value in your suggestions:
    *stop watching the news (at least reduce the frequency) – so much world stress!
    *take a social media break – I’ll forgive you if you miss my posts for this reason!
    *find a quiet time in the day to sit quietly and breathe – 5 min or more if you can

    Thank you for these reminders!

    1. Hi Ernie, so glad you enjoyed the post and found some value for yourself in it. From the conversations in the groups, it seems most of us are in need of some focus and grounding from all the stress to keep up/succeed. If we take the time to find our focus each day we will be more able to meet our goals. Stop, breathe, refocus, reset…..go…..happy goal hitting 😉

  12. Remember, there is no such thing as being behind with this. Behind what? It’s one thing if you set deadlines for yourself, but other than that, there just isn’t anything to fall behind with.
    To me thinking that I am falling behind makes me even more prone to procrastinate or being “too busy”. Not good.
    Instead, I congratulate myself for every step I take forward. That gives me positive associations with the whole process.
    The only thing that matters is consistency.
    You’re doing good!

    1. Thanks for your input Katrin! I mentally like to keep up but you are quite right, this can back fire. I try to remind myself daily that it’s ok to go at my own pace. That’s easier said than done! I’m impressed that you are being gentle with yourself and in doing so maintaining forward momentum. Let’s keep keeping on progressing successfully! Have an amazing week 😊

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