#6  Disaster afoot! Man overboard!!

Hello my dear friends,

I have had a week, or I guess couple of weeks to remember! 

Our Affiliate System lessons for the last 2 sessions began touching on setting our sites up a link tree to the various social media sites for ease of posting….this platform seems to be running my business for me!  Well….almost. 

Dean then explained how to do live video posts 😵    He shared some truly amazing tips on how to formulate your topics to connect with the viewers.  I’m not crazy about being in front of a live camera, but it seems it’s a real must for connecting with today’s audience.  At least it is in my view.

I also followed a suggestion Dean made about selecting a platform we want to focus our initial marketing on.   Rather than trying to figure out multiple platforms we should become an expert in one platform rather than an expert at none.  In retrospect he did say to stay focused on learning the groundwork first.   Boy did I regret not listening better! 

I heard about a promotion for a course in organic Facebook marketing.   This was my ideal target!  I already know a fair bit about Facebook….even did a bit of advertising with them.  But how to do it more inexpensively to start?  A course in free advertising on Facebook was a dream realized!  So, I decided it wouldn’t hurt to get informed and a little prepared for integration with Affiliate System since we are getting so close to starting to connect.

I followed the instructions, step by step to set up my page for success and then I was to be patient as the perfect “avatars” were sure to start trickling in….I can do it!!

I misunderstood the instructions but even despite this I did not expect the response I received!   Tuesday night I made my profile public with 80 friends….by Friday night I had 4800 with over 1000 waiting to be accepted🤯….. Facebook suspended my ability to accept anyone else that night…..what a relief!  Did I actually just say that?   All weekend I was policing and trying to sort out my profile!  Nonstop messages and phone calls via messenger (did you know you can’t turn that feature off??)  Thank goodness I have a teenager at home who was able to stop all the pop ups and prevent the calls from freezing up my computer…..Ohhh how I regretted not waiting!  😵‍💫  Those words!!! Ringing through my head… No you can’t!!  But it was supposed to be a slow trickle!!  

I am still cleaning up my site and making connections at the same time….kind of a mixed blessing….it lit a fire under me to get my email funnel done that I had been procrastinating doing.  I just hope I can keep my new friends happy long enough to get them into a more streamlined system of connecting and communicating!

If you would like a more detailed breakdown of how these platforms are set up, or the suspenseful continuation of my scramble to recover……😜   click the Free Newsletter link above to subscribe to my email list for my weekly newsletter with all the juicy details!  Plus, some awesome free gifts 🎁  😉 Who doesn’t love FREE?? 

What are you waiting for??   I’ve always been told…at least your life is never boring! 😅  So come along for the ride 😜

Have an amazing week everyone!

18 thoughts on “#6  Disaster afoot! Man overboard!!

  1. I really love the images. They are beautiful. How did you create them?

    And congrats for launching your profile. I guess having too many friends is a good problem to have? With that said, are they real people or bots? You may want to double check. All the best!

    1. Hi Alan, thank you for taking the time to read my post. The images were created by the AI Copilot on Microsoft edge. Really saves worrying about copyright infringement 😚
      The Facebook launch was a misunderstood bungle on my part that’s going to take ages to fix! I am connecting and/or reviewing everyone on the site to ensure they are there for the right reasons. There are alot who are not 😪 Probably half of them are lonely guys looking for company or scammers looking for vulnerable women. A bunch are x-rated or giving fortune readings 😂
      Boy oh boy did I mess up!
      Have a great week 😊

  2. Hi Sharel,
    We are on the same journey. It is a trial-and-error type of profession. I’m glad that you are overcoming the obstacles. Teenagers are great tech navigators! Please keep me posted on the FB issue/updates with your profile. That information would be good to know.
    I really like your photos. I was just saying to my own teenager that I need to decide on photos a bit quicker and of course ones that are free to use for my blog posts.
    All the best!
    Milissa Neirotti

    1. Hi Milissa 😊
      It’s great to have a friend in common….it’s much less lonely!
      I will definitely summarize mu update my progress in the profile 😄
      AI has made finding photos far easier to do! Of course, personal pics do seem to work better….just have to remember to take them 🙄
      Have a great week 😀

  3. Well done! Wow, what a week you’ve had. I’m looking into social media at the moment. I have an instagram and Tik ToK account but YouTube and Facebook are on the ‘to do’ list….
    I found your blog post really useful. Thank you for sharing

    1. Hi Sarah,
      I’m glad you found my post helpful ☺️ Shoot me a pm if you would like the info on the training I am taking there. I’m not brave enough to try any others yet!
      Have a great week!

  4. Hi Sharel,
    A great post, thanks for posting.

    It is a good reminder for us to take one step at a time as we follow a plan, and we can always go deeper on that one step, rather than rush ahead.

    1. Hi Eleanor, so very true! I honestly didn’t think I was jumping ahead but it did turn out that way! I spent this past few days catching up on much needed sleep! Hopefully I’ll follow instructions better when I’m rested lol 😆
      Have a great week 😀

  5. Nice share! Sometimes Facebook may have a completely different definition of “friends” than we have. I can readily see at how exciting and, at the same time, overwhelming having such a draft of traffic could be. 😃

    1. Hi Martin, thanks for your feedback. I had a very closed and private page until now for exactly that reason. Again, even with this course I wasn’t clear on my instructions but I was being impatient, now that I think about it. Asking questions is not easy for me to do and trying to formulate clear questions is even more difficult. I was supposed to be “vetting” everyone first. Lesson learned, just have to move forward from here….
      Have an amazing week!

  6. Hi Sharel,
    Ohhh boy… I think I would have had a heart attack Friday Night. hahaha.. Sounds like an interesting start. Go Facebook! hahaha.. Just take your time and verify all.. Need to take the good with the bad or the ups with the downs. I honestly don’t know what I would have done if I saw all this requests.
    Good luck… You got this!

    1. Hi Sandy
      It was an experience I hope I never have to repeat lol! I think I’ll still be cleaning my site up for several weeks yet 🙃 A lesson I won’t soon forget 😆
      Thanks for the encouragement ☺️

    1. Thanks Kate ☺️ AI really has made a significant area much easier for me! I think you are quite right, the spammers have slammed me good and hard lol!
      Have a great week!

  7. Sharel, I can only Imagine what what you are going through. I can’t stand the spammers that want a free ride. When I created our YouTube site, immediately we had a post from someone promoting their own site… You can and will overcome as everything we do for the first time is in the “UNKNOWN” and as Dean says, “We don’t know what we don’t know”. Look at it as a learning process. One step in your Journey to Success! You Got This!

    1. Hi David,
      Thanks for your feedback! It’s good to hear of others encountering similar issues. I initially was overwhelmed and wondering whether I was cut out for online marketing. I am now just working through the mess slowly to sort it out. I have accepted that it just won’t happen very quickly. The balance I am now learning how to handle is how to maintain my page with content so it doesn’t sit too idle and lose potential customers. It’s so nice to get feedback from people already familiar with the online marketing world as it’s all new to me!
      Have a great day!

  8. Great post and great content! I am trying to choose a platform to do videos. I am torn as I am admittingly a novice with posting videos. It has never interested me, but I am willing to learn and try. It sounds like you are correcting the situation early enough before it gets completely out of control. And nice job with the graphics in this blog post.

    1. Hi Ernie! Thanks so much for your feedback ☺️ A platform to do videos? You brave soul! I like playing with the Facebook daily story videos….I am brand new too…if I’m unhappy with my video it only lasts the day and then disappears 🙃 It’s giving me a place to practice my videos with not too much to panic over if I don’t like it but also gets me a bit of public feedback at the same time. Win! Win!

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