#8 Alas Matey! Harboured safely!

This week went much better than even last week as I worked to clean up my blunder.  I can do it!

I have completed connecting my social media accounts to my Lead Connector today.  I will try playing with that this weekend 🙂

Now I just need to figure out how to set up my linktree….this is a puzzle for me.  I think I will need to return to the training to explain to me what exactly I am trying to do with it.  No you can’t!

As for my Facebook mess….I am slowly working my way through sorting the leads from the dead ends.  I think I’ve found my first few leads!

I am finally back to posting again with a little different approach coached to me by my Facebook mentor….much more direct marketing…this certainly removes any questions about why I am posting regularly and what I am doing.  I think perhaps I am still working on dealing with my imposter syndrome!

Friday I sat and listened to a very thorough explanation on how to do marketing on U-Tube by the dearest Sophie.  Dean had me sold on trying to do Tik Tok, but Sophie made a great pitch for using U-Tube early on (sorry Dean).  It sounds like both of them require a long term commitment to gain traction.  I am going to have to think about this.  I simply can’t do it all!

I hadn’t realized that U-Tube was actually its own search engine.  Started as a dating site?  I guess that makes sense.  I think I am seeing how these might be integrated together to maximize exposure.

What are you using?  I often feel like I am among the minority of newbies in the group stumbling around in the dark….is anyone else a newbie??  I know you’re out there somewhere!

I stumbled across an interesting simile to sailing and our marketing businesses this week….

” A ship in a harbour is safe but that is not what ships are built for” – John A. Shedd

Smooth sailing my friends…that’s where we belong…out at sea!   Just cast off well-prepared to weather the storms 🙂

8 thoughts on “#8 Alas Matey! Harboured safely!

  1. Hi, Sharel! You’re not the only newbie 🙂
    I just finished setting up the option for my newsletter. I’m so far behind I don’t even remember the next step! LOL!
    But never fear. Progress is being made no matter where you are today. That is the key to moving forward. We will make it.
    I like John Shedd’s quote.
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. Hi Nakina, Thanks for your feedback! Always good to know you aren’t alone. It really doesn’t matter how far behind we really are but it’s hard to not feel anxious about making faster progress!

  2. Sharel, I know there’s a lot to do but you’re doing fine. Just keep going. If you have any questions about the Linktree feel free to ping me a message. If you just follow exactly word by word what Dean does in the training it will be fine, thanks, Atif

    1. Hi Atif! Following the instructions I think I am doing ok…It is starting to make sense, sometimes the direction of where we are headed isn’t that clear… Your progress is definitely an inspiration!

  3. Sharel,
    I think we all start off as newbies, me included. You are not alone. I am still learning and am considering You Tube as my primary traffic. Keep posting and keep moving.

    1. Hi Sherri, it’s been a long time since I was a newbie…I do like the approach of YouTube, I will be interested to hear how you make out venturing down that path…

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